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Our ministry packs quality items with care and prayer with the focus on God, the troops and their families. We are humbly serving our God, building deep friendships and impacting the world!

We ship approximately 50 care packages a month to deployed men and women of the U.S. military. The most important part of this ministry is prayer, we have prayed specifically for the names on these boxes to send the blessings out immediately. Operation Creekside turned from a mission to a ministry at Creekside Christian Church with the help of Senior Pastor Scott Kirk. Scott and many others continue to be prayer partners… the spiritual blessings are felt by the Team and all who join us.

We look forward to going where God leads, hope to grow this ministry and encourage others.

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The "mission" was to deliver the memorial bench to Joshua Thompson's mom and dad, Dave & April, and that was successfully done on Thursday!!

The "bonuses"

Meeting Indian Joe & Slim, Nevada Patriot Guard Riders that escorted us from Boomtown to Winnemucca- in the middle of nowhere about 30 miles outside of Winemucca, Slim revealed to me his PTSD and how he almost took his own life in 2014, how he deals/copes now by helping other veterans and that he is two years sober. I gave him a copy of 365 Days and later that day he sent a message about the tears flowing from his 1st listen and how he relates to the song...

Mike & Kat Tipton: a veteran and his wife- American Legion Post 24 Riders. They rode from Wyoming to meet us in Grantsville Utah, some 200 miles to escort us to Rock Springs Wyoming. Kat revealed to me that she was the chaplain that rushed to the cemetery in June of 2015 when we met Dave & April at Joshua's grave. I asked her later, "what prompted you to drop everything and do that?" She said it was God. I asked her why they rode all the way to Grantsville and she said, "I heard about the mission and told Mike we are going."

ALR Rider Chris: was part of the final escort to Rock Springs. He shared how his PTSD stayed in check for 25 years and then surfaced. He shared about losing 21 men in 1990 and how helpless he and others were then. He also helps other veterans to cope....

The 500 miles to Nampa Idaho didn't seem too logical and especially with some snow along the way, but there were "bonuses" there too;

We pulled into the host hotel of the Ride For 22 event at the same time as Keri Jacobs, the founder of 22TooMany and met a mom who had lost her son to PTSD. We met Steve, the organizer of the Ride For 22 event also and checked in- 500 miles of Wyoming/Idaho with a trailer is exhausting....

The Idaho "Bonuses"

On Sat morning I met a veteran who was riding in the event- some 400 riders would participate and several families of the 22 were in attendance. Anyway, this Purple Heart Combat veteran just started sharing his story and how close he came to being one of the 22. He also shared with me how he deals and it is by helping other veterans....

We only had a short time at this event because of the need to get home- I type this sitting bedside with my Mom, the "Cotton Picker", and she's doing great, but in that short time on Sat morn, I couldn't help noticing a few things;

1 Each rider had the option of taking a photo of one of the 22 with them on the ride. It was windy that day, but they had the photos on their bikes, in their hands or on a lanyard around their necks like I carry mine- I had Joshua Thompson with me and Joshua Remy & Michael Kissell......but even before that, as they were registering, it was kind of overwhelming seeing all those photos on that table- knowing that they were all gone. I don't know if that sank in to many, but it was heartbreaking...

2 One young lady I spoke to lost her grandpa to PTSD and she shared how that one tragic event tore her family apart. The decision to take your own life seems to just transfer the pain to those who love you...

I'm sorry for the long report, but this mission is real and my friend Keri is still up there right now and spending time with mom's that lost their sons to PTSD. What we do is important- meeting people where they are and most of the time just listening. That bench delivery was one for the books, but that family is worthy of love and support just as they all are, worthy of our love and support....

Best, Ed

Operation Creekside/Task Force Hope

*2200 miles towing the trailer, 5 days, Hope shared with love and respect

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From delivering the Joshua Thompson Memorial Bench, we drove some 500 miles west to briefly attend the Ride For 22 Event near Boise Idaho.

Keri with 22TooMany was there and hundreds of bikers, mostly veterans. Seeing the photos of service members we have lost to PTSD was heartbreaking!

A handful of families were there and I met a mom that was looking for the photo for her son- when she gave up, I pressed in to look and we found it. She carried the photo of her son on the ride!

Never forgotten!!

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