Farmer, SD Many people have sent a car package to a soldier serving over seas, but imagine what you’d do if that package was returned and labeled deceased. For one California man, this scenario meant holding on to the package for years, until it could be returned to its rightful owner.

In 2009 Ed McClelland with Operation Creekside sent a care package to South Dakota Soldier Duvi Wolf serving in Afghanistan. The package was one of thousands McClelland’s non-profit organization sends overseas each year, but this one became extremely memorable.

A few months after sending the package, it was returned and labeled deceased. Instead of discarding the package, McClelland held on to it for years, until he could return it in person at her grave sight.

That special reunion took place at a cemetery just outside of Farmer this Saturday. McClelland was escorted by the South Dakota Patriot Guard all the way through South Dakota. He also had several other military escorts on his journey from California to South Dakota.

McClelland and all of those who helped escort this care package back to Davi said the journey was all about paying the proper respect her sacrifice deserves.